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Experts in the elimination of barriers

LeviCare is a Polish manufacturer and supplier of hoists and accessories facilitating care of disabled people. Qualified engineers, specialists in mechanical and medical engineering as well as caring for people with disabilities are the company’s flagship. Cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology, carers of people with disabilities, physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals enables us to create and adjust excellent caring systems and solutions.

Various eliminations of
architectular barriers

What we stand for

We believe that everyone should be able to move around freely

We operate Europe-wide

LeviCare has representatives and specialists Europe-wide. Our professional service, provided in every region, includes advice, training and equipment maintenance.

Product visualisation and quotation

Having gathered information from the customer during the demonstration, via phone or e-mail, we prepare visualisations and quotations of the best and most beneficial care systems we can offer. We always present the funding possibilities and also include the options of future development of the system chosen.

Choosing the best solution

LeviCare care systems are always tailored to the needs and financial situation of the customers. Our specialists offer professional advice and the customer decides which option they want to purchase.

LeviCare makes everyday life easier